Patent Drawings

We’ve created thousands of patent illustrations ranging everything from complex flow charts to detailed machinery. I also meet all current US patent standards. Here are just a few samples.

We’ve been creating these illustrations since 1995, and have worked for corporate law firms such as Greenburg & Traurig as well as smaller local groups.

Call me or Email me for references!

Drawing 01
Drawing 02
Drawing 03
Drawing 04
Drawing 05
bone device
Drawing 06
Drawing 07
Drawing 08
hands & hypo
Drawing 09
Drawing 10
bone stuff
Drawing 11
Drawing 14
Drawing 15
Drawing 16

Marketing Sequence for a Patent Application

  • Perform Marketing Research to Determine if Your Invention is Worth Pursuing

Unless you have a lot experience in marketing research, you may want to purchase project management software such as Project Manager for Excel. This software can save you time, and help you focus on your research project.

You may also wish to consult a professional marketing research firm. Larger businesses often rely on outside sources to provide this kind of support.

  • Make Sure Your Design Is Cost-Effective to Produce

Keep in mind that whoever produces your product should also have the capacity for packaging and shipping. Using this model, you’ll save time and money.

Through your search, you may discover your invention is too similar to an existing design, so you may elect to move forward with an alternate design (and you’ll have saved yourself a lawyer’s consultation fee by performing a search at the USPTO on your own). You may also download free software to help with your search:

Alternatively, you may opt to hire a patent lawyer to perform this search for you.

  • Research Patent Lawyers (and Beware of Patent Scams)

Avoid lawyers who guarantee your product will be a huge financial success. These scam artists usually charge exorbitant fees. Also, avoid law firms that offer to finance your project; they often bill you for unexpected service charges. This is a serious red flag.

One of the best ways to find a reputable lawyer is to call your local bar association. They won’t select a lawyer for you, but they can help focus your search. You can also visit to locate a lawyer by region. When you speak with prospective law firms, ask for references. Good law firms will always provide references.

  • File an Application with a Lawyer

After you’ve found your lawyer and discussed your invention, he or she will assign a draftsman for your application and begin writing the appendix, which provides a detailed description of your idea. Sometimes filing an application can take months, as the US Patent Office files tens of thousands of applications every day. Remember that patience during this part of the process is key.

  • Create a Prototype

The good news is that most production companies can design your product prototype using CAD (Computer Assisted Design) or CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) programs. If you don’t have an existing CAD file for your prototype, in-house designers can create your prototype based on non-CAD designs. 3D printing may also be a great way to create a prototype.

Remember, depending on the complexity of your invention, production of your prototype can be costly, especially if you make modifications.

  • Market Your Invention

Now, here’s the hard work:

At this point, you’ll need to hire a marketing firm, that is, if you have the budget. Otherwise, you’ll need to start making contacts over the phone or on the web, and needless to say, you’ll need a good marketing scrpt to promote your product.

Another effective marketing strategy might be creating professional looking templates and sending them out as e-blasts.

A combination of personal contact via the phone and the use social media such as Facebook or LinkedIn will usually yield the best results.

Remember, it’s all a numbers game. The more contacts you make, the better your chances of success in marketing your product.

Good luck!

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